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Australian’s Multi Screen Affair! Smartphones, Tablets & the Digital Home…

“Screen Screen…who is the fairest of them all?” Probably the toughest question as we love all our screens!

TV’s, Mobiles, Tablets are getting smarter and smarter…we came across the Australian Multi-Screen report from the last quarter of 2011 by OZTAM / Neilsen and quoting a few interesting stats from this report.


Firstly, Aussies love affair with the smartphones continues which is now estimated at about 49% ownership (up from 43% from the third quarter last year, age 14+). The household Tablets penetration seems to be getting there too, starting at about 8% in the second quarter last year, shooting up by 2 points to almost 10% metro by end of last quarter 2011 and on the rise! According to Nielsen’s Australian Online Consumer report, watching any viewing ‘video’ content on Tablets grew from just 2% of the total online population at the end of 2010, to 5% by the end of 2011.


As at the end of the last quarter of 2011, 95% of all homes were estimated to have access to digital broadcasts on at least one TV set in the home, this is up from 90% in the first quarter. Currently 44% of homes have access to some form of a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) allowing consumers to use the ‘time shifting’ incase you can’t watch ‘Home & Away’ whilst you are doing the child care pickup’s or need to unwind at your own leisure and catch up with ‘Desperate Housewives’ when it suits you!


Household internet remains at about 77% but there is an increase in the time that content is being consumed online, watching online video has increased by about 13% and all probably due to the popularity of the smart TV’s which most of them come with their own browser, app setup’s or access to browsing your own internet of connect devices at home. Consumers spent about 3Hrs 27Minutes watching any video on the internet. No longer do you have to take someone to your bedroom to put on your PC to share some photo’s from your trip to Fiji – it’s all about having ‘smart access’ to your content in the house and out and about on the mobile too! Watching video on the mobile phone is not that hot a number, guess mainly due to the fact that a lot of users are unsure of how much bill they’re going to clock up when they’re going to watch the news via video or play catch up TV via mobile on their way home on the train! But, sure we’ll get there.

Watching any video on a mobile phone is at about 1hr 20mins per month average but interestingly almost at 3 hours per month with the 25 – 34 year olds. Video consumption via mobile phones for the 16 years and over category is at about 1 hour 20 minutes per month (up significantly since Q1), the main users are those aged 18 – 34, averaging almost 3 hours per month.

The combination of the extended screens (PC and mobile phone) usage for any video content still accounts for just 4% of video consumption on traditional TV, as quoted in this OZTAM/Neilsen report.

Mobile devices are not only used outside of the house now but playing a key role within the house too as Australia’s love affair with multiple screen’s grows!

DOWNLOAD HERE [PDF] incase you want to full report  the Australian Multi-Screen Report for Q4, 2011.

Thanks to OZTAM and Neilsen for putting this report together. It is preferred that you download the complete report at the above link and make note of all the fine print and the greater detail. 


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2012 – The year of the MOBILE

Phew! what a year it has been and sooner that we realise – 2012 is round the corner and like a lot of us, we reflect back to the past year and look forward to new beginnings, resolutions to take our lives to the next level and quit some of our vices…well, well, that may seem a bit nostalgic. But hey it is really about looking ahead to a new year with positivity. So, here’s hoping that you’ve had a great year too and best for the upcoming one.

What an amazing year it has been for mobiles and related stuff too, we have seen productivity gone haywire as people got onto Angry Birds and Facebook on the mobile adoption grew. A not to miss highlight of the year was the way Android shot up and still continues to do so. And the shocker that we got on 5th Oct 2011, when the man who made it happen – our beloved Steve Jobs unfortunately left us, but who would disagree that the visionary changed the world of mobile technology. Steve changed the way we interact with our devices and brought life to his passion a few years with the iPod, the iPhone and then the iPad. Our salute to this legend, Steve Jobs who is going to be a hard act to follow in years and years to come.

2012: Year of the MOBILE - Who's going to lead and who is to follow?

Social Media saw some amazing take up’s too, Google Plus launched, some amazing apps were built, people still continued on with Twitter. We saw the iCloud and also the take up of users start to talk to our devices coming to reality in 2011, feels quite sci-fi but Google Voice, Google Translate and more so by Apple’s SIRI on the iPhone 4S is all making it possible now…

In July 2011 – Facebook reached 750 Million (was 250 Million in July 2009). With more than 350 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. More than 475 mobile operators globally work to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products.

ROVIO (the maker of Angry Birds) in November 2011 announced 500 million total downloads of Angry Birds games across various platforms. Here’s a few stats about the game we spent so much playing and trying to get those flying birds sling across…

  • #1 in 79 countries with 266 Billion levels played
  • 400 Billion Birds shot & 44 Billion stars collected
  • 200,000 Years of Angry Birds played 
  • 300 Million minutes played – Daily
  • 500,000,000 Billion Downloads 


Some Twitter stats over the years:

  • 2007: 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007.
  • 2008. 100 million tweets posted per quarter in 2008.
  • February 2010: 50 million tweets per day.
  • June 2010, about 65 million tweets were posted each day equaling about 750 tweets sent each second. Twitter mobile usage experienced a year-to-year increase of 347% back in 2010.

Google’s Android took off in 2011:

GOOGLE had some amazing success in 2011 specially with Android achieving the 100Million Android activation landmark and then the 200 Million Activation landmark (Nov 11) – to be verified. The last we had heard that there were about 550,000 android devices being activated each day worldwide.

CHECK OUT GOOGLE’S VIDEO on the Android milestones:

Thank you Steve.

“That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” Steve Jobs. A very special tribute to Steve Jobs who sadly left us in 2011. Over a million people from all over the world have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve. Check out this page on Wiki about Steve Jobs. And this page on Gizmodo about Steve Jobs life.

mobiDdiction: 2012 & beyond…

Last but not the least – mobiDdiction was born in 2011. So, it has been a big year for us –  a year that saw us launch our services from Sydney, Australia & take our first baby steps – we saw great support from our clients, friends and well-wishers. Our mobiDdiction Facebook page in just a few months is almost at 2,000 supporters and thanks to each and every one of them.

Wonder what’s coming up in 2012 for mobiles and related stuff…devices that tap into our brains and the phones can understand what we’re thinking? Sure, this is not far away. Mobile payments will probably see a big take-up once mobiles and technology meet up to make it more accessible, smartphones are going to see a lot more traction, the tablet which not long ago we weren’t sure of what to do with is going to see a take-up as there’s a place between the laptop the TV we’ve found for it and there’s a lot more customisation we’re able to do now and access to these devices in terms of cost is becoming less of a fancy too. We will continue to adopt the Apps and “appcessories” to suit what we’re looking for and needless to say, there’s going to be a lot more take up of HTML5 and cross-device experiences coming up. Mobile payments & NFC will be big and the challenge of catering to the varying device and screen types is going to exist but devices will be a lot more smarter too!

2012 is going to be a great year and a year of the MOBILE! All the best to all of you and may you see great success in all your endeavours! 

ps; Thanks to our friend, Tommy ‘the gun’ Wells for his “2012” illustration on this page.

Few references:


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Future of Mobile Payments – infographic & Video

Trying to understand what is a mobile wallet?

It’s quite a simple concept really, you carry your smart mobile phone that has all the info you need on it and now technology makes it possible that your mobile device will be soon able to be used instead of your wallet. Sure it’ll take some time but hey who would’ve thought a few years ago that the iPhone and Android will make it this big too that they’re such a big part of our everyday lives now!

There’s a few different ways being talked about how this is going to be possible and what’s in it for an everyday user as well as a business. How is this new technology going to affect how consumers make payments & businesses transact.

Google have started to push the ‘Google Wallet‘ service. QR code strike rates are on the rise and there’s talks about NFC going to be used for all our everyday transactions.

Mobile payments are on the rise as the mobile is one device no matter what we all carry around. Even if we forget to carry our wallet, we need a mobile to ring someone. And now that technology such as NFC (Near Field Communications) is just around the corner.

Guess by now you’ve seen that in the U.S. people have already started to use the mobile as a transaction device in places such as Starbucks. In Japan, the mobile has been used as a device to transact since many years now…

Check out this video from Google about why is Google Wallet important for businesses?

Info-Graphic on the future of Mobile payments

Here’s an infographic from G+ that predicts the massive uptake in payments using the mobile device for everyday transactions. Thanks to G plus for this info-graphic.

Interesting to note:

By 2013. Sales of NFC enabled devices will exceed $75 Billion.
By 2014. NFC transactions alone will exceed $50 Billion.
By 2015. The value of all mobile money transactions is expected to reach $670 Billion.

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Mobile Banking – On the go!

When was the last time you stood in the queue to check your account balance? When was the last time you felt the need to walk into a branch? Or do you just use your mobile…

A lot of us I’m sure use mobile banking on the go on our mobiles and not surprising that it is quite a utility that we like to have at our finger tips. Just like many other services being made available on our smartphones, whether you’re travelling or just know that your banking information is available at hand when required by you.

Just like many of us, I remember starting to use the banking on my mobile when my bank started to offer it and really there wasn’t much available at that point in time except the fact that you could log-on and check your balances, the updates weren’t that quite synced with your actual account and moreover the look and feel of it too wasn’t that polished. Well, we’ve now moved on and you would’ve noticed that almost all the banking institutions now have started to push the ‘mobility’ factor as a feature or a value-add as part of their day to day services. 

Mobile Banking – On the go!

Commonwealth Bank in Australia a few months ago, started to list property using Augmented Reality and not sure if you’ve come across the vision piece from Commonwealth Bank video from the bank. It’s a bit old now but you can see the thinking behind it. The Commonwealth Bank also have information on their website about mobile banking. Interestingly, you will note that the iPhone and Android have apps whereas if you’re on a blackberry then you still have access to the banking but not via an App experience but a mobile site. Not sure if you’ve noticed but the banks have tailored their experiences depending on the number of users on a particular device e.g. iPhone, Android being the two most widely used phones. It’s also worthy to note that some of the experiences are also different – for example, the Commonwealth ‘NetBanking’ user login from the mobile takes you to a new screen which seems like a mobile site version whereas banks such as ANZ in their goMoney give you a native iPhone experience so you’re not jumping around screens. But again, that’s a different topic with a lot of variants whether it needs to be via a mobile website or all through an App, in this instance let me not start off being nerdy and going away on a tangent!  

Banks seem to have realised the potential of mobile!  

There are many industries out there which are still yet to harness the potential of using mobile as a channel, be it for their marketing or providing customer service via mobile or leverage the mobile as a true one on one loyalty channel. But, on the other hand, banks seem to have taken this on their stride and have developed a good amount of services and seem to be busy actively pushing the mobile factor as part of their service offering. Sure you’ve seen some of their messages such as the St. George Bank, NAB and Westpac leveraging marketing material to push the message out to consumers including signage, posters and visual displays outside of their branches. The ING gorilla holds an iPhone too in newspaper AD’s and the info on ING’s mobile banking is on their website too. NAB on their YouTube channel has videos with demo’s for banking on iPad’s  which has features such as branch locator, getting directions to get there, foreign exchange rates and a few other handy features. NAB also has the info on their website. The Commonwealth Banking mobile banking App shows you the transactions almost in real-time so there’s no wait for it to be updated as that could be quite frustrating when you’re on the go and need to know. There’s also the ANZ banking app that has a feature where you could pay to a mobile number which I’ve used a few times and find it quite useful especially in social circumstances. Example, the other day we were at a restaurant and we were bill sharing – and all I did was took out my iPhone, fired up the ANZ goMoney App and used the “pay to mobile” function transferring the dosh straight onto my friends account by punching his mobile number. The other bit, which a few of mobile banking apps have done is taking customers who use the App for the first time through a series of say tutorials or a guide of some sort that reassures you of the services and also leveraging the true potential of messaging that is relevant to the medium. In this example here, I’ve taken some screenshots from when I used the ANZ goMoney App.

ANZ goMoney App - Mobile Banking

ANZ's "About" screen from the goMoney banking App

Catering for Android too.

Don’t have an iPhone? A lot of banks are now moving towards having services available on phones running Google’s Android operating system too. The National Australia Bank (or NAB as we refer it to…) also caters for the non-iPhone audience and has a video demo’ing their service and how it works on an Android. I’m not an NAB customer but it does seem quite simple and user friendly to use. Commonwealth Bank also announced and has services for folks on Android.

Some banks such as Bank of America have and obviously gone all the way to catering to people on different mobile platforms or accessing the banking from different devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry.

With the onset of new technology just around the corner such as the ‘Near Field Communications’ or ‘NFC’ as the NFC term is quite being thrown around as a buzz word already. Think we’ll see a lot more of Augmented Reality, 3D and interactive experiences via mobile devices. Maybe we’ll be able to see money flying into our accounts!! I’d rather be positive and not say money flying out 😉

Here’s some of the useful links on mobile banking which we’ve discussed in this piece.

Commonwealth Bank Vision Piece Video

ANZ  goMoney Demo

NAB Android Demo

NAB iPad Demo

NAB Website with info on their mobile banking

 St.George Banking App – iPad Video

Bank of America mobile banking – Video

Happy banking on the go! Do let us know your thoughts and if there’s any other cool apps or mobile banking stuff out there that you’d like to share.

For those who would like to know more about NFC. This video is a lengthy one, but goes through it all from Google.



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What are these funny looking codes? a.k.a QR codes…

mobiDdiction's URL QR code

Nope! not something you need to decipher. Just a QR code that you scan using your smartphone. You do need a reader app for it and there's lot of free one's available to try out.

Seen those funny square boxes – they look like barcodes but wonder what they’re doing these days on newspaper ads, outdoor billboards sometimes or sometimes even on a few grocery items…and if you’ve been to Japan you surely must’ve seen them – they’re everywhere and people seem to be so used to them. I must say I’ve started to see a lot more QR codes being used in Australia these days, I’ve spotted them on (more) wine bottles, in a restaurant as a menu for “chef’s special” for the day, at some events – and I’ve even spotted them in the last week on a bin which I posted on our Facebook page too.

Brands seem to be much more open to trying our QR codes these days – though I must say not sure how many people do understand what those codes are for and how to use them. Yes, smartphones have become smarter and smarter but that technology is outpacing the consumer uptake and speed and faster than the time behaviour adaption happens. In fact, these days, seems like the time you get used to something – things change and of course, we all have our different levels of comfort when it comes to technology. For example with the below example, I stood there by this shop ‘sportsgirl’ at one of the shopping centres and wanted to see do people really understand what to do, if so do they really try it or if they do have a smartphone do they scan with their camera or do they understand that you need an app or a QR code reader for your phone to actually decipher what those funny square barcode look like square box does…

I noticed that a lot of people stared at it, some blokes who were waiting outside the store either with their kids or just on the mobile having a chat after a bit of staring took out their mobile phone cameras and took at picture and were probably waiting for something to happen! Not sure, how many of them really got to experience what sportsgirl was trying to deliver here with this QR code campaign. With this Sportsgirl example, as far as my experience goes – the scan took you a page on a mobile site where you could choose to watch a video or some sort of product hype-reel and if not just move on to signing up to their database. It’s going to be interesting to see where QR codes end up really, and on the other hand I recently read that Kellog’s had some phenomenal success with some 40,000 reads through their QR code campaign. Catch the story here if you want to read more.

Sportsgirl QR code campaign - spotted in Sydney

Sportsgirl QR code campaign - spotted in Sydney

There’s a lot of other technology in this area and similar taking shape too such as Google’s Googles, camera’s that can scan, augmented reality stuff catching up really quickly too…will be interesting to see where the QR codes end up…don’t worry if you think all these seem like tech jargon – we’ll try and get some examples and explain what these really mean…

And for those who are wondering:

  • What is this QR (Quick Response) code really? here’s quick link on Wiki
  • How can I try one on my smartphone?…Simple, just go to the app store or Android Market and search ‘QR code scanner’ and there’s heaps of free ones you could try.

The next time you do spot a QR code, we hope by now you’re aware of it 😉

Happy scanning!


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Is Mobile important for your business?

Sure a lot of you either running businesses or marketing campaigns or even agency folks managing clients would have this thought whether mobile is important to your business or not? Well, I’d say if you haven’t had this thought – it’s about time as the whole world has moved on. Things around us have all just in a few years developed so much that mobiles are now referred to as ‘smart phones’! And mobiles these days are not just for making phone calls, they do everything from banking to gaming to keeping our lives organised!

Mobiles are everywhere!

Every business needs a mobile optimised solution

Smartphones are everywhere!

Think the last I read there were an estimated 5 billion mobile phones sold, 25 million iPads & just there around 300,000 mobiles being activated each day just on Google’s Android platform. In many countries, there’s more mobile phones than the number of people itself and even in developing countries such as India etc, people have started to use ‘dual sim’ mobile phones a.k.a using one number for work and a different one as their private mobile number at surprisingly cheap call rates. If you are running a business think about it “Mobiles ARE everywhere” around us and we’ve become so very dependent on what used to be a humble device that you used to make phone calls on the go with!

I just wanted to check quickly on some domestic flights for next week and being late in the night i just went to the Qantas/ Jet Star site from my mobile. I was really pleased to see that Jet Star identified my browser as an iPhone & displayed a very simple – to the point functional site. Ultimately, I got what I wanted and this is going to be the case for every business – no matter of the size! It is important to have a tailored or mobile optimised presence for your business. Whether its by way of a mobile website or an app or any mobile engagement piece or if you just want to use the mobile phone as an extended customer service channel or it could be something your business can provide as a utility tool within mobiles to your employees.

Understand your consumers

Not sure if you’ve heard about concepts such as ‘mobile snacking’ or the ‘no-nothing’ time. Really interesting concepts as consumers are always ‘snacking’ on the mobiles and I mean that people on their mobiles love to browse on bits and pieces even if it’s for a short time – be it checking their Facebook or a quick sms or catch a good deal whilst they’re out and about shopping. And the ‘no-nothing’ time I mention here is about that time when people are looking to spend time on their own trying to relax, have a break…really to do what they want to do and we all tend to try to take these little breaks – but guess what, and you probably have noticed this already that people are spending more and more time with their mobile phones – almost like a partner you couldn’t do without!

mCommerce is growing rapidly!

According to the Mobile Marketing Magazine UK, research shows that almost half of smartphone users have shopped online on their mobile. Now if you’re thinking that people are using mobiles for just reading news, playing games or on Angry birds! yes they are you’re right but they’re also “searching” for stuff and the consumer has now started to shop on their mobile phones. Yes that humble pizza is now being ordered from a mobile device. Not sure if you caught that story of Domino’s and their mobile site – Domino’s apparently generated 1 Million in less than 1 week from their mobile site…they did have an iPhone app which I’m sure a few of us have used but guess they realised that enabling this on all mobile platforms would not be a bad thing and yes it worked for them and could work for you too. Infact being such a new channel, there’s not that many businesses out there leveraging this just yet so even if you’re a small business – think about it! A simple mobile presence could do you wonders in terms of ROI.

People “searching” on their mobiles are more action oriented and are more likely to initiate a call (click to call) as they’re already on the device and there are smarts you could use such as social media integration on the go, location based targeting and as to quote Google, 79% of consumers make use of a smartphone while they’re shopping and according to this article I came across in the mobile marketer – while many mobile searches are conducted by consumers who will make a purchase in the next 24 hours, desktop searchers are more likely to be making a purchase decision in the next 30 days.

There’s many ways one could emphasise how important mobile is for a business in the current environment and how this is fast becoming a channel whether it’s for creating awareness about your product, place of business or service – it’s probably the only channel that is always ON! when I say, “channel” it does sound a bit marketing oriented but that’s what I’m referring it to as here….mobile is that space that if relevant to a consumer – they will start being ‘sticky’ to it and keep coming back for it!

If you do have some time, do check out this video by Google – it’s a bit long but shows how important it is for any business to leverage mobile. Mobile is the way to go!

If you do have any feedback or comments please feel free to comment. If you are a business thinking about mobile or require a mobile solution, please feel to get in touch with us.


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