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Are you a mobile addict?

Do you love your mobile so much that you can’t live without it, Do you check your mobile before going to sleep? Are you a mobile addict?

While everyone is talking about this great piece of technology called the smartphone mobiles of today – it’s been great to hear about the positive side of the story that the humble mobile which we used to carry around so people could stay or get in touch with us when we were traveling or away from home – has a potential dark side to it…yes, we are all proud of our flashy new mobiles or tablet device but ask yourself a few questions and if you were to answer “yes” to a majority of these then it’s time to think about it…

Answer these questions (truthfully…) and check out if you ARE A MOBILE ADDICT?


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Australian’s Multi Screen Affair! Smartphones, Tablets & the Digital Home…

“Screen Screen…who is the fairest of them all?” Probably the toughest question as we love all our screens!

TV’s, Mobiles, Tablets are getting smarter and smarter…we came across the Australian Multi-Screen report from the last quarter of 2011 by OZTAM / Neilsen and quoting a few interesting stats from this report.


Firstly, Aussies love affair with the smartphones continues which is now estimated at about 49% ownership (up from 43% from the third quarter last year, age 14+). The household Tablets penetration seems to be getting there too, starting at about 8% in the second quarter last year, shooting up by 2 points to almost 10% metro by end of last quarter 2011 and on the rise! According to Nielsen’s Australian Online Consumer report, watching any viewing ‘video’ content on Tablets grew from just 2% of the total online population at the end of 2010, to 5% by the end of 2011.


As at the end of the last quarter of 2011, 95% of all homes were estimated to have access to digital broadcasts on at least one TV set in the home, this is up from 90% in the first quarter. Currently 44% of homes have access to some form of a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) allowing consumers to use the ‘time shifting’ incase you can’t watch ‘Home & Away’ whilst you are doing the child care pickup’s or need to unwind at your own leisure and catch up with ‘Desperate Housewives’ when it suits you!


Household internet remains at about 77% but there is an increase in the time that content is being consumed online, watching online video has increased by about 13% and all probably due to the popularity of the smart TV’s which most of them come with their own browser, app setup’s or access to browsing your own internet of connect devices at home. Consumers spent about 3Hrs 27Minutes watching any video on the internet. No longer do you have to take someone to your bedroom to put on your PC to share some photo’s from your trip to Fiji – it’s all about having ‘smart access’ to your content in the house and out and about on the mobile too! Watching video on the mobile phone is not that hot a number, guess mainly due to the fact that a lot of users are unsure of how much bill they’re going to clock up when they’re going to watch the news via video or play catch up TV via mobile on their way home on the train! But, sure we’ll get there.

Watching any video on a mobile phone is at about 1hr 20mins per month average but interestingly almost at 3 hours per month with the 25 – 34 year olds. Video consumption via mobile phones for the 16 years and over category is at about 1 hour 20 minutes per month (up significantly since Q1), the main users are those aged 18 – 34, averaging almost 3 hours per month.

The combination of the extended screens (PC and mobile phone) usage for any video content still accounts for just 4% of video consumption on traditional TV, as quoted in this OZTAM/Neilsen report.

Mobile devices are not only used outside of the house now but playing a key role within the house too as Australia’s love affair with multiple screen’s grows!

DOWNLOAD HERE [PDF] incase you want to full report  the Australian Multi-Screen Report for Q4, 2011.

Thanks to OZTAM and Neilsen for putting this report together. It is preferred that you download the complete report at the above link and make note of all the fine print and the greater detail. 


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TRAI-ing times for the youth in India!

2 NOV 2011: An UPDATE post the below article – we note that TRAI now seems to have increased the limit to 200 SMS per day per SIM. Ref:

SORRY. You’ve exceeded your daily SMS limit of 100 SMS! 

We came across this article in the ‘Bangalore Times – Edition of the Times of India newspaper titled “TRAI-ing times for the youth” talking about taking to pigeons and letter writing? as the TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s is accused of affecting people’s lives, specially the youth and those in long distance relationships.

But what just changed? India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day and it is claimed that even the traffic police now can’t send out traffic updates post this rule, business owners will now not be able to send out more than a total of 100 SMS’s per day say for example delivery notifications etc. We are not too sure just yet on the details of how this rule is activated and keen to find out as how would this work…say in an emergency situation OR is there another way that businesses will need to register for sending more than 100 per day…and maybe there’s some extra charges associated with this?…ting ting! 😉

The article also highlights that the most suffering segment will be the ‘mobile addicted’ Youth as the TRAI claims that the “average person sends 30 to 50 text messages per day” and the fact that one of the recent internet survey found that mobile owners between the 18 – 24 in India exchange an incredible 109.5 text messages per day, that’s 3,200 or so text’s per month! There’s reference in the article to those who are in long distance relationships and their dependency on SMS’s each day to stay in touch and claims that this rule will “murder the social lives of the youth”. As quoted, “There are certain things that I like to say in texts only, I love you’ . I send more than 150 messages a day and this is bound to affect my love life” says one of the 20 year interviewed youth. Then, there’s one more mention of this youth who is used to purchasing a sim card that allows upto 1,000 SMS (for about $1.50 AUD) and recharges it atleast four times a month! ouch — not sure what will happen to those fingers..think there will be great success to apps which can convert ‘voice to text’ or ‘voice to sms’ and those IM type of applications.

TRAI-ing times article in the Times Of India - 30 Sept 2011

Do you send more than 100 SMS’ a day?

Not sure how this will work under emergencies, people with dual or tri-sim connections & also those who are running their businesses and use the SMS as a key channel to communicate to their base. Banking and entertainment (movie/music on demand etc seems to use the SMS channel as lot too in India). So, will be interesting to see how the youth react to this imposition of ‘no more than 100 SMS’ a day, which infact quite sounds liberal to me from a ‘personal’ mobile point of view. But, I guess we’re not in a place with about 850 million mobile subscribers!








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