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London 2012 Olympics Official Mobile Apps and Samsung’s “Take Part 2012” App

Official Mobile Apps for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games plus Samsung’s Take Part 2012 App

The London 2012 Olympics is just around the corner and like a lot many of you, we were looking up for the official mobile app and here’s what we came across.

There are two apps that have been officially created…one of them is the “Join In” and the other is the “Official Results app” and below are the links to download these.



The JOIN IN APP apps (as it stands now…) is available for Apple iOS, Android and for Blackberry too! The official results apps is available on Android and Apple iOS. When visiting the official website seems like all the images we came across were all mocked up in the Samsung S3 (and they look pretty sharp too!).

Seems like the Apps have tried to pack in a whole heap of features ranging from information, geo location based activities, locating your friends using the maps feature, cultural events and programmes, spectator guides, social media integration, best routes to get to the competitions, create personalised schedule based on your interest or if you’re one of those lucky enough to be visiting any of the events. And seems like there are some cool features too which we were not able to check out (probably a location locked feature as we downloaded the app from Australia) which apparently is the “Augmented Reality” feature and uses the phone’s camera to view overlays of the key venues. Will have to let the boss know to let me fly down to London to test this one!!


Type in on your smartphone and it does auto-detect if you are browsing from say a smartphone or your new shining Galaxy S3 to take you to a site that works much better on your mobile – a smartphone mobile website.

The official website also has a mobile optimised version (ie. a PC website that works well on your smartphone) which is always a good user experience. The mobile site is quite a simple version but has a lot of detail for your “info-snacking” maybe on the train ride home, I’d probably recommend the app anyways!

One of the functions on the mobile site also takes you to a shopping section for your “on the go” mobile shopping if you’re looking to buy an official London 2012 Sports Collection Coins or some stamps or just looking for some figurines, will be interesting to see if they do publicise how many people actually purchased using their mobile devices.

A whole list of links to download these different apps is below:

These apps are the London 2012: Official Apps for the Olympic and Paralympic Games – By The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited as per their descriptions accessed on the iTunes and Android’s Google Play App Store.

Samsung – Take Part 2012 Mobile App & Facebook Leaderboard

Samsung also have launched their mobile apps promoting their latest device the Galaxy S3 in the spirit of the Olympics and this one lets you take part in the olympics right on your mobile and there is also a Leaderboard on Facebook that shows how individuals and teams are doing. Seems like a good use of Mobile + Social Media and what better time to do this than at the Olympics!

HERE is the link Samsung’s promo of their Mobile game App. The game seems only available on Android — wonder why! Apple Vs Samsung Vs iPhone Vs Android..uhmmm lets not even go there!!

Samsung also have LONDON 2012 as a category as part of the Samsung Apps range.

Thanks to mobility bringing about so much change in our lives – we’re never away from any action and there’s only more things to come! So, no matter which part of the world you’re in – there is an opportunity not only to keep track but also take part and enjoy the spirt of the Olympics!


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