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Will Windows 8 open new Doors?

IS THIS IT? Is this showtime for Microsoft’s Windows 8?

Amidst the anticipation of the next iPhone 5 to be released shortly, there’s some excitement brewing as Microsoft are ready once again with their re-entry into this market with what is promised of being an amazing experience…(Drum Rolls………) enter – Windows 8.

All we’ve been seeing and hearing from quite some time now is only of Apple, Samsung, Android, iPhone, iPad, Google when it comes to mobiles and device operating systems and not much about Windows. Yes Apple devices are everywhere, Samsung seems to be going places with their devices not only by manufacturing some amazing devices (ie. S3, Galaxy Tab…) but also packing new features into their mobiles and tablets…it’s been a while now that I’ve not seen anyone pull out a different phone other than an iPhone but these days I’m sure you would’ve probably noticed yourself, Samsung devices seems to be making ground.

Samsung range of tablets are moving quite fast too and they don’t cost an “arm and a leg” to try one out, whether it’s the “non-apple” fans or the “android-pro’s” there is no choice currently in the market for any other mobile device or operating system.

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Samsung have confirmed that they will be carrying Windows 8 on a few of their devices – that includes Samsung mobiles, tablets and TV’s. Check out the ATIV range (as it’s called by Samsung) which carries the Windows 8 across devices – ATIV S for Mobiles, ATIV Tab (Tablets), ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro.  We couldn’t find much reference to what ATIV actually meant whether it was an acronym for something but seems like it’s VITA spelt reverse…meant life….deep….blah blah…

And NOKIA says…lets hold hands Windows?

NOKIA like Microsoft have a challenge up their sleeves to win back market share and consumer confidence and as users have started to massively adapt to and get accustomed to the Apple and Android eco-system, this will be quite an interesting phase to see if the Nokia & Microsoft Windows 8 combo does it this time around. NOKIA seems to have instilled a lot of faith into their new LUMIA range carrying the Windows 8 Operating System.

NOKIA, once a leader in this space who has seen massive decline in it’s share now confirming that their range of Nokia Lumia range will be carrying the Windows 8 as their operating system.

In the second quarter of 2012, Microsoft’s share of the global smartphone operating system market was a lowly 2.7 per cent, according to tech industry analyst Gartner while Android had 64.1 per cent  and Apple 18.8 per cent. (source here).

The Windows 8 experience blog does promise that this version has a lot that has changed, and yes it would not be fair to say that Windows have been so hung up with so many issues in the past over their operating systems but I guess that’s the kind of extensive user base that the windows have too – more ain’t always the merrier when it comes to technology. All brands these days whether it’s manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, HTC or the experience providers such as Apple, Google with their Android operating systems, Microsoft Windows are all undergoing a substantial amount of metamorphosis as the internet has evolved to being something we sat behind a desk and used and or late on a mobile device to being the “internet of things” where even our cats and dogs are connected to a network so we can track where they are and what they are doing when you are out and about!

Apple has undergone considerable transformation themselves as I remember not that many years ago, you could not buy anything but from a special “Apple” store specialist and when not much was going in Apple’s favour – they brought about the iPod and then the infamous iPhone followed by the iPad which made history and seems like they’re having a dream run since then. Who had heard of an “app store” a few years ago? Who knew that you wouldn’t need to run down to the DVD store down the road to book in your copy of the latest movies? Maybe the day is not far when there will be robots around the house which will bring you popcorn automatically when you’re watching a movie! Well, Well, lets get back to talking about Windows 8…there is a pre-release Windows 8 version available for those enthusiasts but we couldn’t find a set date for the Windows 8 date in Australia but news items do hint at it being around the corner!

Windows 8 has a completely refreshed touch integrated experience, and the new improved multi-monitor support, and new Family Safety features, social seems seamless, there’s also new improvements to the Mail, Photos, and People apps and see new Bing-powered Travel, News and Sports appsInternet Explorer 10 also has new capabilities in the Windows 8 Release Preview like “flip ahead” and a fully integrated secure and power-optimised Adobe Flash Player. IE10 is also the first browser to feature Do Not Track “on” by default.

Would you be still willing to give Windows 8 a chance? Have Microsoft got it right this time around? Guess, time will tell but onya’ Windows as they say “You’ve got to be in it to WIN it – All the best!


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Ah, thx my iPhone ;)

Have you had to go through the trouble of copying your contacts from your old phone to the new one or had to spend time copying your contacts manually?

Whether you’ve lost your current mobile, replacing to a flashy new smartphone or just tired seeing your mobile after paying out your Telco for the 24-month contract you had signed up for and everyone around you seems to have a ‘newer’ phone! Every now and then comes a time that we all dread! changing or upgrading our mobiles…

Just like a lot of you – I went through this experience not that long ago. I changed to an iPhone 4 from my 3GS which had been quite faithful and had taken quite a few blows during it’s journey with me. I had the shiny iPhone 4 and needless to say I was too excited to even think of the pain to copy my contacts to some other place, I did not even think twice what would happen to all my fancy apps that I’ve downloaded so meticulously over the past year and a bit and – and not once did I think what if I lost all that? or had to do the traditional way of ‘copy from SIM’ and ‘transfer’ — it’s always a pain those things & sooner than you realise you end up with multiple contacts or no contacts showing up, you loose your settings, your favourites or whatever you were used to and had taken so much time to make your phone that ideal companion that you could call upon….but must say, the switch over from one iPhone to another iPhone was truly a blessing in disguise!

Connect to iTunes to get started...

The customer experience was second to none, easy as the initial screen asks you to plug in your new device – in this case the iPhone 4.

Once I connected my iPhone 4 to my mac, iTunes started up and popped up with a message recognising that I’ve connected a new device and asked me if I wanted to use a back-up from my previous device and there was a selection of two of my previous devices – aka, my iPhone 3GS and the iPad. Obviously, I choose back up from my 3GS.

Of course, there was the option to choose to set it up as a ‘a new device’ and not bother about anything else but I did want my back-up. I wanted my new iPhone to have all the things I was use to on my previous iPhone so I don’t have to go through the trouble of any re-setting stuff etc.

While I had a sip of my pinot noir, the back up restored from my previous iPhone was synced up to my new iPhone and was ready to use. The sarcastic side of me and thinking that ah, it can’t be that simple plugged out my the new device and I was surprised (read = elated!) about the whole experience and really I must say, this is the first time that I didn’t have to bother about any external apps or syncing services or the ‘talk of the town’ these days – the cloud…zillch! all was taken care from my iTunes account and the fact that I regularly back up my iOS devices and everything was fine and in no time I was up and running with all my contacts, SMS message history, Apps and to the extent that I was going to reset my weekly alarm and even that was synced up – now that’s got to be something!

Yes, a few of you would comment that contacts from MS outlook can be synced up but hang on, how many of us really use outlook as the place we store and regularly update our contacts.

Thanks iPhone for making my life so much simpler! that I didn’t have get frustrated copying or syncing my data, specially my contacts from one phone to another. 

How was your experience when you changed to a new phone? Would be great to hear from you…



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