Creating Mobile Website Content

We generally supply a few pointers to our clients or agency partners when they’re planning to supply us with content/copy for their mobile website projects. Thought the below might be useful when planning your copy/content for a mobile version of your PC website.


  • A mobile optimised site needs to be quick, smart in the interface design with clear and consistent call to actions. Consider the usage of ‘click to call’, ‘Contact Us’ could be a direct email or ‘locate us’ could be a google maps integrated feature.
  • A mobile site is a cut down smart version of the main PC website and it is not recommended to have all the info that is available on the PC website.
  • Consider the user experience. Too much text is not only boring – it is hard to read!
  • Maintain consistency in your branding.
  • Consider the usage of links to existing properties if they are mobile optimised. [Eg; YouTube videos, Google Maps – locate us etc].

Two quick examples:

Check out: (both on PC and your iPhone or Android device).

Check out the PC website of this Indian Restaurant ‘Dawat’ in Sydney and then check the same on your mobile device: - Mobile Sites & Apps for any Device

mobiDdiction - Dawat Indian Project

If you have existing social media channels such as a LinkedIn company page, facebook page, twitter account etc – it is a good idea to include links to these onto the mobile version too. Of course, this depends on the project itself and what you’re trying to achieve from the mobile optimised version.

Last but not the least, don’t forget – the content you’re planning for is going to be viewed on a very small device so consider the user experience.


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