How to’s & a few mobile tips…

Though smartphones are smart, a few tips could always help!

1. How to take a screen shot, screen grab, screen capture from my iPhone/iPad? 

Hold down the home and the top (on/off) button at the same time & you should hear a ‘click’ with your screen shot saved in your photo’s library.

2. My iPhone doesn’t seem to connect to an existing Wi-Fi anymore?

Sometimes, the iPhones or iPad’s could act weird and suddenly stop connecting to your existing Wi-Fi connection.

> Simple, but works most of the times. Try to hard reset your phone (restart).
> Make sure that your Wi-Fi is still active.
> Go to Settings
> Select your ‘Wi-Fi’ network from the list
> Click on the small blue ‘>’ arrow
> Click on “forget network”
> Turn the Wi-Fi ON again and should be able to connect

3. How do I turn off annoying notifications on my iPhone/iPad that pop-up from Apps I’ve downloaded?

> Click on “settings”
> Click on ‘Location Services”
> You can turn ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ location services from here

4. What are the these “arrows” on top of the screen when I visit some apps on my iPhone?

These upward facing arrows are location services and it’s worthy to note here that (on your iPhone/iPad), there are few different ones that appear incase you haven’t noticed:

PURPLE location services icon will appear next to an item that is currently using your location.
GRAY location services icon will appear next to an item that has used your location in the last 24 hrs.
OUTLINED location services icon will appear next to an item that is using a ‘geofence’

5. What is a ‘geofence’ in the App location services?

A ‘Geofence’ is a virtual perimeter around a location. Apps like ‘reminders’ use geofencing to notify you when you arrive or leave a particular location.

6. How to clear cache, clear history in Apple Safari? (iPhone/iPad Mobile browser)

> Click on ‘Settings’
> Scroll down to ‘Safari’ and Click on Safari
> Scroll down to ‘Clear History’ or ‘Clear Cookies & Data’

7. How do I manage what shows up in the ‘Notifications’ when I swipe down the top of my iPhone?

Notifications are the items that you see when you swipe down from the top of the screen.

> Click on ‘Settings’
> Click on ‘Notifications” (the rounded edged square with a red dot in the center icon)
> See your list under the ‘In Notification Center’ & scroll further down to “Not in Notification Center”
> Clicking on any of these, will give you options of ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’










8. How do I know if the iPhone/iPad or my smartphone is using a Wi-Fi and not mobile 3G/4G data?

> On the top of your screen you should see your carrier (eg: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc)
> Generally you will see a ‘3G’ next to it which means that mobile is using the mobile network
> If you are connected and using a ‘Wi-Fi’ internet connection, you should see a symbol which looks like the one above (upside slice of pizza icon next to your telco carrier).



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