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Are you a mobile addict?

Do you love your mobile so much that you can’t live without it, Do you check your mobile before going to sleep? Are you a mobile addict?

While everyone is talking about this great piece of technology called the smartphone mobiles of today – it’s been great to hear about the positive side of the story that the humble mobile which we used to carry around so people could stay or get in touch with us when we were traveling or away from home – has a potential dark side to it…yes, we are all proud of our flashy new mobiles or tablet device but ask yourself a few questions and if you were to answer “yes” to a majority of these then it’s time to think about it…

Answer these questions (truthfully…) and check out if you ARE A MOBILE ADDICT?


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Will Windows 8 open new Doors?

IS THIS IT? Is this showtime for Microsoft’s Windows 8?

Amidst the anticipation of the next iPhone 5 to be released shortly, there’s some excitement brewing as Microsoft are ready once again with their re-entry into this market with what is promised of being an amazing experience…(Drum Rolls………) enter – Windows 8.

All we’ve been seeing and hearing from quite some time now is only of Apple, Samsung, Android, iPhone, iPad, Google when it comes to mobiles and device operating systems and not much about Windows. Yes Apple devices are everywhere, Samsung seems to be going places with their devices not only by manufacturing some amazing devices (ie. S3, Galaxy Tab…) but also packing new features into their mobiles and tablets…it’s been a while now that I’ve not seen anyone pull out a different phone other than an iPhone but these days I’m sure you would’ve probably noticed yourself, Samsung devices seems to be making ground.

Samsung range of tablets are moving quite fast too and they don’t cost an “arm and a leg” to try one out, whether it’s the “non-apple” fans or the “android-pro’s” there is no choice currently in the market for any other mobile device or operating system.

Image from:

Samsung have confirmed that they will be carrying Windows 8 on a few of their devices – that includes Samsung mobiles, tablets and TV’s. Check out the ATIV range (as it’s called by Samsung) which carries the Windows 8 across devices – ATIV S for Mobiles, ATIV Tab (Tablets), ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro.  We couldn’t find much reference to what ATIV actually meant whether it was an acronym for something but seems like it’s VITA spelt reverse…meant life….deep….blah blah…

And NOKIA says…lets hold hands Windows?

NOKIA like Microsoft have a challenge up their sleeves to win back market share and consumer confidence and as users have started to massively adapt to and get accustomed to the Apple and Android eco-system, this will be quite an interesting phase to see if the Nokia & Microsoft Windows 8 combo does it this time around. NOKIA seems to have instilled a lot of faith into their new LUMIA range carrying the Windows 8 Operating System.

NOKIA, once a leader in this space who has seen massive decline in it’s share now confirming that their range of Nokia Lumia range will be carrying the Windows 8 as their operating system.

In the second quarter of 2012, Microsoft’s share of the global smartphone operating system market was a lowly 2.7 per cent, according to tech industry analyst Gartner while Android had 64.1 per cent  and Apple 18.8 per cent. (source here).

The Windows 8 experience blog does promise that this version has a lot that has changed, and yes it would not be fair to say that Windows have been so hung up with so many issues in the past over their operating systems but I guess that’s the kind of extensive user base that the windows have too – more ain’t always the merrier when it comes to technology. All brands these days whether it’s manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, HTC or the experience providers such as Apple, Google with their Android operating systems, Microsoft Windows are all undergoing a substantial amount of metamorphosis as the internet has evolved to being something we sat behind a desk and used and or late on a mobile device to being the “internet of things” where even our cats and dogs are connected to a network so we can track where they are and what they are doing when you are out and about!

Apple has undergone considerable transformation themselves as I remember not that many years ago, you could not buy anything but from a special “Apple” store specialist and when not much was going in Apple’s favour – they brought about the iPod and then the infamous iPhone followed by the iPad which made history and seems like they’re having a dream run since then. Who had heard of an “app store” a few years ago? Who knew that you wouldn’t need to run down to the DVD store down the road to book in your copy of the latest movies? Maybe the day is not far when there will be robots around the house which will bring you popcorn automatically when you’re watching a movie! Well, Well, lets get back to talking about Windows 8…there is a pre-release Windows 8 version available for those enthusiasts but we couldn’t find a set date for the Windows 8 date in Australia but news items do hint at it being around the corner!

Windows 8 has a completely refreshed touch integrated experience, and the new improved multi-monitor support, and new Family Safety features, social seems seamless, there’s also new improvements to the Mail, Photos, and People apps and see new Bing-powered Travel, News and Sports appsInternet Explorer 10 also has new capabilities in the Windows 8 Release Preview like “flip ahead” and a fully integrated secure and power-optimised Adobe Flash Player. IE10 is also the first browser to feature Do Not Track “on” by default.

Would you be still willing to give Windows 8 a chance? Have Microsoft got it right this time around? Guess, time will tell but onya’ Windows as they say “You’ve got to be in it to WIN it – All the best!


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London 2012 Olympics Official Mobile Apps and Samsung’s “Take Part 2012” App

Official Mobile Apps for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games plus Samsung’s Take Part 2012 App

The London 2012 Olympics is just around the corner and like a lot many of you, we were looking up for the official mobile app and here’s what we came across.

There are two apps that have been officially created…one of them is the “Join In” and the other is the “Official Results app” and below are the links to download these.



The JOIN IN APP apps (as it stands now…) is available for Apple iOS, Android and for Blackberry too! The official results apps is available on Android and Apple iOS. When visiting the official website seems like all the images we came across were all mocked up in the Samsung S3 (and they look pretty sharp too!).

Seems like the Apps have tried to pack in a whole heap of features ranging from information, geo location based activities, locating your friends using the maps feature, cultural events and programmes, spectator guides, social media integration, best routes to get to the competitions, create personalised schedule based on your interest or if you’re one of those lucky enough to be visiting any of the events. And seems like there are some cool features too which we were not able to check out (probably a location locked feature as we downloaded the app from Australia) which apparently is the “Augmented Reality” feature and uses the phone’s camera to view overlays of the key venues. Will have to let the boss know to let me fly down to London to test this one!!


Type in on your smartphone and it does auto-detect if you are browsing from say a smartphone or your new shining Galaxy S3 to take you to a site that works much better on your mobile – a smartphone mobile website.

The official website also has a mobile optimised version (ie. a PC website that works well on your smartphone) which is always a good user experience. The mobile site is quite a simple version but has a lot of detail for your “info-snacking” maybe on the train ride home, I’d probably recommend the app anyways!

One of the functions on the mobile site also takes you to a shopping section for your “on the go” mobile shopping if you’re looking to buy an official London 2012 Sports Collection Coins or some stamps or just looking for some figurines, will be interesting to see if they do publicise how many people actually purchased using their mobile devices.

A whole list of links to download these different apps is below:

These apps are the London 2012: Official Apps for the Olympic and Paralympic Games – By The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited as per their descriptions accessed on the iTunes and Android’s Google Play App Store.

Samsung – Take Part 2012 Mobile App & Facebook Leaderboard

Samsung also have launched their mobile apps promoting their latest device the Galaxy S3 in the spirit of the Olympics and this one lets you take part in the olympics right on your mobile and there is also a Leaderboard on Facebook that shows how individuals and teams are doing. Seems like a good use of Mobile + Social Media and what better time to do this than at the Olympics!

HERE is the link Samsung’s promo of their Mobile game App. The game seems only available on Android — wonder why! Apple Vs Samsung Vs iPhone Vs Android..uhmmm lets not even go there!!

Samsung also have LONDON 2012 as a category as part of the Samsung Apps range.

Thanks to mobility bringing about so much change in our lives – we’re never away from any action and there’s only more things to come! So, no matter which part of the world you’re in – there is an opportunity not only to keep track but also take part and enjoy the spirt of the Olympics!


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Commonwealth Bank launches “Kaching” Mobile Payment App

Left your wallet and cards at home and need to pay? Need to make a quick payment to your friends on Facebook…no worries, use your mobile! 

Ok, I’ve said it in the past that I think the banks have been doing well in the way they’re thinking ahead of coming up with mobile apps that are based on providing “on-the-go” utility leveraging the growth in the area of mobile technology. Back in July 2011, we wrote a piece on when we noted that the Commbank updated their App and also another quick blog on the future of mobile payments and why it’s all that important.

Almost all the major banks and the mid-tier ones too such as co-op’s and building society’s have come up with mobile banking apps. Sure you’ve seen that the banks have started to use this in their marketing too, as in – you would have spotted a poster when you entered a St George or a Westpac or any other bank, looked at a bus-side talking about their mobile banking facility. For those who have used the ANZ’s “Pay to Mobile” feature, it does work like a breeze specially from one ANZ to another ANZ customer account. And now – to add to all this, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have launched their ‘Kaching’ app. For those who are unaware of what ‘Kaching‘ means – it’s a slang thingy meaning to “cash in” or make a lot of money. Sometimes, “rich” this being derived from the sound of an old fashioned cash register – get it? “Kaching” “Kaching”… not a bad thought as the CommBank mobile app is about payments — wonder if the app makes the “Kaching” noise too 😉


Here’s the AppStore link to download the Kaching App and here’s a page on the Commonwealth bank Kaching website with a video showing how Kaching works – check it out.

So, what does this CommBank Kaching App do?

  • Send money to someone using their mobile number
  • Make payments using your email contacts or by entering an email address
  • Make payments to your Facebook friends
  • Shop without cash or cards by holding your iPhone4S or 4, using the iCarte case, over the PayPass™ contactless terminal
  • Make payments via BPAY® or with an account number and BSB

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s a requirement mentioned too that users first need to be registered for NetBank and have NetCode activated to make payments and purchases using a mobile phone and the Recipients of payments via mobile, Facebook and email need an Australian bank account to claim.

Whilst it’s really early days, both banks and users have a lot of extra areas to be cautious of I guess, in terms of security and how tight the measures are – and it’s great that users are able to do all this but not to forget that we’re in a hyper connected world and now our information is being accessed by multiple applications so yes there are exciting times ahead in terms of convenience and the fact that we are entering another new era of cashless transactions, security is going to be of prime importance.

Android is on it’s way

The Commbank Kaching is compatible with all iPhone’s operating iOS 4.2 and above. The Commbank Kaching for iPhone 4S, 4 3GS and 3G, you can pay anyone via mobile, email or Facebook, make BPAY payments and transfer money between your Commbank accounts. An extra bit of stuff you need to do to set up your iPhone 4S or 4 for contactless payments by ordering an iCarte case from Commbank via the app. When you receive and activate your iCarte case, just hold your iPhone 4S or 4 over any PayPass™ contactless terminal to pay for purchases under $100.

Read more on the App Store description – Link Here – Seems like the Android fans will have to wait for a bit more as per the note on the website but knowing Commbank sure the Android and the tablet version won’t be too far down the track!

The Commbank’s media release section on their website claims this App is the first in the world that you would be able to make payments to your Facebook friends which is an awesome feature I think as you now don’t need to worry about asking your mates that you some beer monies for their BSB and account number details which I’m sure most of us don’t even remember or if we do remember, we need to recheck somewhere on our bank statements or a notepad hidden somewhere.

It’s a New App

One thing I’m still a bit unsure of is when I’ve got the CommBank App which also allows me to login to my mobile banking which I’ve been using for quite a while now, the Kaching is an all together new app that one needs to download. No wonder it does use the same access details but not sure why this is done as an altogether new app, being a customer I would’ve liked to see this integrated into my current mobile banking behaviour.

NFC but still uses external hardware

To use the contact-less PayPass payment you still need to buy a piece of hardware that is in effect your NFC (Near Field Communication) reader by buying an iCarte case (for A$54.95) through Commbank and I tell ya it was quite hard to find where to buy this! Having searched for quite some time on almost all of the Commbank’s websites, we then found the below info on the support page

iCarte cases are available for order within Commbank Kaching. In the ‘Cards’ tab, select the credit or debit MasterCard you wish to set up, press the ‘Set up PayPass’ button and follow the on screen instructions.

It seems like the purchase of the iCarte case needs to be made from within the App itself but I did not have that option showing up of buying the iCarte case…not sure why, maybe the reason being that I don’t have a master card. But would’ve thought that if that was the case, it would’ve been used as an opportunity to sell me one? But, there’s no obvious link from any online site that you can buy the iCarte case from – must be s

We did register interest to hear about this app a few months ago but didn’t hear about this and just a few days ago we came across this App while googling something about the upcoming NFC technology I think it was…or maybe it’s that we jumped the gun and searched for it even before they could let us know. But at the end of the day, Kaching is here and must say Commbank have taken a giant step to try and move ahead in the world of mobile payments.

Sure, as we go on – there will be more and more phones with inbuilt NFC and other mobile payment gateways that we can use so we don’t external cases but for now it’s “KACHING KACHING” time 😉



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2012 – The year of the MOBILE

Phew! what a year it has been and sooner that we realise – 2012 is round the corner and like a lot of us, we reflect back to the past year and look forward to new beginnings, resolutions to take our lives to the next level and quit some of our vices…well, well, that may seem a bit nostalgic. But hey it is really about looking ahead to a new year with positivity. So, here’s hoping that you’ve had a great year too and best for the upcoming one.

What an amazing year it has been for mobiles and related stuff too, we have seen productivity gone haywire as people got onto Angry Birds and Facebook on the mobile adoption grew. A not to miss highlight of the year was the way Android shot up and still continues to do so. And the shocker that we got on 5th Oct 2011, when the man who made it happen – our beloved Steve Jobs unfortunately left us, but who would disagree that the visionary changed the world of mobile technology. Steve changed the way we interact with our devices and brought life to his passion a few years with the iPod, the iPhone and then the iPad. Our salute to this legend, Steve Jobs who is going to be a hard act to follow in years and years to come.

2012: Year of the MOBILE - Who's going to lead and who is to follow?

Social Media saw some amazing take up’s too, Google Plus launched, some amazing apps were built, people still continued on with Twitter. We saw the iCloud and also the take up of users start to talk to our devices coming to reality in 2011, feels quite sci-fi but Google Voice, Google Translate and more so by Apple’s SIRI on the iPhone 4S is all making it possible now…

In July 2011 – Facebook reached 750 Million (was 250 Million in July 2009). With more than 350 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. More than 475 mobile operators globally work to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products.

ROVIO (the maker of Angry Birds) in November 2011 announced 500 million total downloads of Angry Birds games across various platforms. Here’s a few stats about the game we spent so much playing and trying to get those flying birds sling across…

  • #1 in 79 countries with 266 Billion levels played
  • 400 Billion Birds shot & 44 Billion stars collected
  • 200,000 Years of Angry Birds played 
  • 300 Million minutes played – Daily
  • 500,000,000 Billion Downloads 


Some Twitter stats over the years:

  • 2007: 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007.
  • 2008. 100 million tweets posted per quarter in 2008.
  • February 2010: 50 million tweets per day.
  • June 2010, about 65 million tweets were posted each day equaling about 750 tweets sent each second. Twitter mobile usage experienced a year-to-year increase of 347% back in 2010.

Google’s Android took off in 2011:

GOOGLE had some amazing success in 2011 specially with Android achieving the 100Million Android activation landmark and then the 200 Million Activation landmark (Nov 11) – to be verified. The last we had heard that there were about 550,000 android devices being activated each day worldwide.

CHECK OUT GOOGLE’S VIDEO on the Android milestones:

Thank you Steve.

“That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” Steve Jobs. A very special tribute to Steve Jobs who sadly left us in 2011. Over a million people from all over the world have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about Steve. Check out this page on Wiki about Steve Jobs. And this page on Gizmodo about Steve Jobs life.

mobiDdiction: 2012 & beyond…

Last but not the least – mobiDdiction was born in 2011. So, it has been a big year for us –  a year that saw us launch our services from Sydney, Australia & take our first baby steps – we saw great support from our clients, friends and well-wishers. Our mobiDdiction Facebook page in just a few months is almost at 2,000 supporters and thanks to each and every one of them.

Wonder what’s coming up in 2012 for mobiles and related stuff…devices that tap into our brains and the phones can understand what we’re thinking? Sure, this is not far away. Mobile payments will probably see a big take-up once mobiles and technology meet up to make it more accessible, smartphones are going to see a lot more traction, the tablet which not long ago we weren’t sure of what to do with is going to see a take-up as there’s a place between the laptop the TV we’ve found for it and there’s a lot more customisation we’re able to do now and access to these devices in terms of cost is becoming less of a fancy too. We will continue to adopt the Apps and “appcessories” to suit what we’re looking for and needless to say, there’s going to be a lot more take up of HTML5 and cross-device experiences coming up. Mobile payments & NFC will be big and the challenge of catering to the varying device and screen types is going to exist but devices will be a lot more smarter too!

2012 is going to be a great year and a year of the MOBILE! All the best to all of you and may you see great success in all your endeavours! 

ps; Thanks to our friend, Tommy ‘the gun’ Wells for his “2012” illustration on this page.

Few references:


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TRAI-ing times for the youth in India!

2 NOV 2011: An UPDATE post the below article – we note that TRAI now seems to have increased the limit to 200 SMS per day per SIM. Ref:

SORRY. You’ve exceeded your daily SMS limit of 100 SMS! 

We came across this article in the ‘Bangalore Times – Edition of the Times of India newspaper titled “TRAI-ing times for the youth” talking about taking to pigeons and letter writing? as the TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s is accused of affecting people’s lives, specially the youth and those in long distance relationships.

But what just changed? India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day and it is claimed that even the traffic police now can’t send out traffic updates post this rule, business owners will now not be able to send out more than a total of 100 SMS’s per day say for example delivery notifications etc. We are not too sure just yet on the details of how this rule is activated and keen to find out as how would this work…say in an emergency situation OR is there another way that businesses will need to register for sending more than 100 per day…and maybe there’s some extra charges associated with this?…ting ting! 😉

The article also highlights that the most suffering segment will be the ‘mobile addicted’ Youth as the TRAI claims that the “average person sends 30 to 50 text messages per day” and the fact that one of the recent internet survey found that mobile owners between the 18 – 24 in India exchange an incredible 109.5 text messages per day, that’s 3,200 or so text’s per month! There’s reference in the article to those who are in long distance relationships and their dependency on SMS’s each day to stay in touch and claims that this rule will “murder the social lives of the youth”. As quoted, “There are certain things that I like to say in texts only, I love you’ . I send more than 150 messages a day and this is bound to affect my love life” says one of the 20 year interviewed youth. Then, there’s one more mention of this youth who is used to purchasing a sim card that allows upto 1,000 SMS (for about $1.50 AUD) and recharges it atleast four times a month! ouch — not sure what will happen to those fingers..think there will be great success to apps which can convert ‘voice to text’ or ‘voice to sms’ and those IM type of applications.

TRAI-ing times article in the Times Of India - 30 Sept 2011

Do you send more than 100 SMS’ a day?

Not sure how this will work under emergencies, people with dual or tri-sim connections & also those who are running their businesses and use the SMS as a key channel to communicate to their base. Banking and entertainment (movie/music on demand etc seems to use the SMS channel as lot too in India). So, will be interesting to see how the youth react to this imposition of ‘no more than 100 SMS’ a day, which infact quite sounds liberal to me from a ‘personal’ mobile point of view. But, I guess we’re not in a place with about 850 million mobile subscribers!








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When should I invest in mobile?

When should I invest in a mobile strategy? I think this is a question that most marketers, technologists and broadly businesses are asking themselves now. I also think if you feel the time is now then certainly from my perspective you are setting up for success and giving yourself the right learning time so that as this space matures you are ready to capitalise.

Let’s do some math’s and apologies if some of the percentages I am quoting change by the time you read this post, in this space things are rapidly evolving.

So according to the latest Sensis Smart Phone survey in Australia by 2012, 60% of the roughly 20 million population will have a smartphone. To build on this the latest Google stats show that 79% of people use their mobile phone to help with shopping to affirm they are making the right purchase decision.  Making this even more compelling a recent Microsoft survey shared that 51% of Smart Phone owners are more likely to purchase from a retailer with a mobile site & mobile experience.

On this basis the opportunity is ripe as speaking today less than 4.2% of retailers have a mobile presence.

The Intelligent Shopper

The Intelligent Shopper

This info-graphic is a great representation by Microsoft showing how mobile plays a part in the consumer buying experience. For a better look visit the below link:

I think beyond potentially getting brownie points for creating a new channel & technology that let’s your business connect with customers, introducing your business to a mobile presence truly allows you to immerse your customers in Social Media & real 1:1 experience with your brand.

So hopefully if you have read this far I have provided you a rational argument for having a mobile phone presence and why I think the time is now.

The start of having a mobile presence can start of being as simple as having a mobile site for people trying to access your online site via mobile. Where appropriate and where you have a compelling utility there is an opportunity to provide a mobile app/s (*I will shortly be writting an article about customer advocacy and the journey from a mobile site to your company app providing for true love 🙂 ).

There are two things that I would like to say at this point:

  • Creating a mobile presence does not have to be exceptionally expensive, however you get one or two chances to connect with customers in such a 1:1 way so ensure your presence is a reflection of the brand image you want to create.
  • A mobile strategy starts of with a mobile site, but should be inclusive of a channel strategy which encompasses a presence for Tablet devices, Mobile Apps, Social Media, your Digital Ecosystem, Retail Store Integration and how mobile devices interact within this environment (* I will talk more about this in a coming article)

So in short my advice is, the time to invest in a mobile strategy for your business is now and the more experience and comfort you get in this space the better for your businesses upcoming success.

As always this is our point of view and should you have any comments or further questions we at mobiDdiction welcome them.


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