TRAI-ing times for the youth in India!

01 Oct

2 NOV 2011: An UPDATE post the below article – we note that TRAI now seems to have increased the limit to 200 SMS per day per SIM. Ref:

SORRY. You’ve exceeded your daily SMS limit of 100 SMS! 

We came across this article in the ‘Bangalore Times – Edition of the Times of India newspaper titled “TRAI-ing times for the youth” talking about taking to pigeons and letter writing? as the TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s is accused of affecting people’s lives, specially the youth and those in long distance relationships.

But what just changed? India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) apparently have imposed a rule that limits the number of text SMS’s to a max of 100 SMS’s-per-day and it is claimed that even the traffic police now can’t send out traffic updates post this rule, business owners will now not be able to send out more than a total of 100 SMS’s per day say for example delivery notifications etc. We are not too sure just yet on the details of how this rule is activated and keen to find out as how would this work…say in an emergency situation OR is there another way that businesses will need to register for sending more than 100 per day…and maybe there’s some extra charges associated with this?…ting ting! 😉

The article also highlights that the most suffering segment will be the ‘mobile addicted’ Youth as the TRAI claims that the “average person sends 30 to 50 text messages per day” and the fact that one of the recent internet survey found that mobile owners between the 18 – 24 in India exchange an incredible 109.5 text messages per day, that’s 3,200 or so text’s per month! There’s reference in the article to those who are in long distance relationships and their dependency on SMS’s each day to stay in touch and claims that this rule will “murder the social lives of the youth”. As quoted, “There are certain things that I like to say in texts only, I love you’ . I send more than 150 messages a day and this is bound to affect my love life” says one of the 20 year interviewed youth. Then, there’s one more mention of this youth who is used to purchasing a sim card that allows upto 1,000 SMS (for about $1.50 AUD) and recharges it atleast four times a month! ouch — not sure what will happen to those fingers..think there will be great success to apps which can convert ‘voice to text’ or ‘voice to sms’ and those IM type of applications.

TRAI-ing times article in the Times Of India - 30 Sept 2011

Do you send more than 100 SMS’ a day?

Not sure how this will work under emergencies, people with dual or tri-sim connections & also those who are running their businesses and use the SMS as a key channel to communicate to their base. Banking and entertainment (movie/music on demand etc seems to use the SMS channel as lot too in India). So, will be interesting to see how the youth react to this imposition of ‘no more than 100 SMS’ a day, which infact quite sounds liberal to me from a ‘personal’ mobile point of view. But, I guess we’re not in a place with about 850 million mobile subscribers!








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One response to “TRAI-ing times for the youth in India!

  1. Shruti Anand

    October 19, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Trai is very selfish they are not thinking about peoples they are thinking only about money money trai you must run for people not for you i think trai’s workers age is more than 50 so only they know about msg use


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