Propeller to launch soon – a Flipboard like experience available on Android

17 Sep
Google Propeller

Propeller the Android alternative to Flipboard

The latest news in, is that Google has made a big investment in developing a Flipboard like app for Android and iPad so that Android users can enjoy this same amazing experience. It’s called Propeller!

Flipboard for those of you who may have not heard about it, is a great magazine like experience that is available on tablets. It aggregates website content, facebook, twitter, etc and allows you to flick through this info just like flicking through pages in a magazine.

It’s an amazing immersive experience, the only catch is that it is only on iPad and no rumors yet that anything will ever get invented for Android.

Have a look at this video for a better look at this application:

Amazingly Google made a big effort to acquire Flipboard last year but no cigar!

As you would expect the PR machine is rife and prolific tech blogger Robert Scobble posted on his Google + account saying the version of Propeller he has come across is mind blowing sending the media wild.

As a person who uses both an iPad and Android I am glad that Android tablets are going to get a Flipboard like experience as it is totally amazing and gets you hooked onto a tablet. It also lets you realise why you don’t really need a physical paper or magazine anymore.

What this opens up as well is the greater opportunity to discuss topics with your friends and as a business, think of the utility of reading an article and directly calling your colleague/s when and where it is relevant straight from one app. It would certainly let you get on with things quickly ;-).

If you have an opinion on this feel free to share :-)!


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