The Mobile Revolution – Great video by Google

31 Jul

This is an interesting video we came across from Google, and as mobile marketing and related solutions provider, our job at mobiDdiction is to be on top of the latest consumer behaviour so that we can adapt to meet their needs and advise our clients on how they can benefit from the ever changing consumer behaviour.

This latest video from google really highlights to me how the mobile smart phone enables people to do more things in less time, and if you are a business you need to make sure you are ready for this next mobile evolution as it’s here! Google points out that mobiles are changing consumer behaviour and a point in case they make is that your mobile is now your shopping companion and I tend to agree.

Your mobile is helping you to make choices on what is available locally and then it helps you get there. Your mobile can ensure that you get your “loyalty” credit at your favourite coffee place whilst paying for your latte!  Your mobile can give you your latest bank balance, to see if you have enough money to pay for that impulse buy, your mobile can then let you know if you need to pick something up before heading home or meeting friends, and that is just for starters! Utility is great angle to start thinking about mobile.

Those businesses who recognise that this mobile evolution is just at the beginning and they adapt to how their customers would like to interact with them, will continue to learn on how better to serve customers, resulting in happy customers and therefore better revenue.


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