Commonwealth Bank updates Mobile App [Pics]

13 Jul

Commonwealth Bank – updates their mobile banking App. iPad and Windows 7 versions included.

Further on the mobile bank side of things from one of our previous stories about how banks seem to have taken the mobile side of things in their stride, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have announced updates to their mobile banking app, also referred to as NetBanking. We’ve seen a few example of banking apps but must admit, for what CommBank have done so far with the latest updates – this seems to be quite a smart app packed with a heap of new features but also what makes it interesting. It does deliver that app experience.

An updated experience, includes a version for Windows 7 & tablet devices too…

Comm Bank App - updated look and feel

Comm Bank App - updated look

One noticeable difference for users who have been using the CommBank App is that there is a significant improvement in the number of features and also a considerable improvement in the quality of the visual or creative elements from the the previous app. In the earlier version, logging onto NetBanking used to just kick off and open a new browser window via a mobile optimised site and it still seems to do that but as a user you probably don’t realise it as it’s probably hidden off – so yes a better user experience there.

The updates also includes locating a nearest branch or ATM based on your location co-ordinates and native GPS device capabilities. For a first time user or for someone who has updated the App, there are location aware notifications, push notification & also if you’re wanting to take a tour of the app to understand how the app works which is quite user friendly and clicking on different bits takes you through some of the key functions.

Push notification on the CommBank App

Push notification on the CommBank App

The Comm bank App now also includes feeds and links to their social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and links to their YouTube channel.

Social Media feeds

The Comm Bank updated App include feeds from their Social Media channels

The updated CommBank mobile banking app supports NetBank for the standard online banking, CommSec for the share trading side of things & there’s also a CommBank Property Guide and a new included foreign exchange tool kit.

Some of the Apps you would’ve noticed do log you out when you click on the “home” button of your phone but this one seems to be a ‘timed’ app so doesn’t log you out. Think it might’ve been good to actually have the auto log-out function due to security reasons if that’s possible too as then I’m not worried if I leave my phone on my desk or get started on something else and forget to log out – or the worse is if you’re logged on and you lose your phone and I know a few of us don’t have our phones auto-lock but a potential danger if you logged on. I do note that under security tips – there is a mention of a log out at the end of a period of inactivity.

There is a link to “visit’ from the App and clicking through it takes you straight to their PC website. We think having a mobile optimised (cut down) version that displays properly on a mobile device would be good to present with an option of visiting the PC (full version) website. But guess, this is not a biggie.

And if you haven’t noticed yet – they even a version which we haven’t tried out for Windows 7 and must be quite assuring for Windows users so they’re not left out. The CommBank have even set up a page for more info for tablet users on their website.

In all, think they’ve done a great job in putting this together and an App that delivers an update experience.

Note that you can’t use your phone as an ATM just yet and withdraw cash from it 😉 but maybe we wouldn’t need those ATM’s anyways once NFC comes in which is being talked about in a big way!

If you have seen or heard of any other banking or related apps – please share them. It would be great to hear from you if you have any other comments too.

Check our more on the CommBank website.


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