Android – Onwards & Upwards!

06 Jul
Android – Onwards & Upwards!

Google’s Android market share seems to be keeping up it’s upward pace in the latest figures released by comScore.

The share of people owning a smartphone in the U.S also moved up by 11 percent from the previous three month period to 76.8 million.

Google’s Android operating system used on popular devices such as the HTC, Samsung etc seems to be keeping up it’s upward pace as the top operating system with 38.1% of the US smartphone subscribers, up 5.1 percentage points. Apple also strengthened its #2 position with 26.6% of the smartphone market, up 1.4 percentage points. RIM [Blackberry] ranked 3rd in position with 24.7% share, followed by Microsoft (5.8%) and Palm (2.4%).

Android on the rise!

It’s been interesting to note that everyone compares Android Vs Apple the most whereas in actual fact the Android platform is being used and supported by multiple device manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Motorola…) and Apple is only available on the devices from Apple – a.k.a the hugely popular iPhone & iPad.

The coming few months will be interesting as we see Nokia products with Microsoft’s Operating Systems and the Android’s getting smarter and the iPhone 5 is due for a release not that long from now!

Read the full story: CLICK HERE

DID YOU KNOW? There are now over 100 million Android devices activated around the world. This video was first shown at Google I/O 2011


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