Is Mobile important for your business?

25 Jun

Sure a lot of you either running businesses or marketing campaigns or even agency folks managing clients would have this thought whether mobile is important to your business or not? Well, I’d say if you haven’t had this thought – it’s about time as the whole world has moved on. Things around us have all just in a few years developed so much that mobiles are now referred to as ‘smart phones’! And mobiles these days are not just for making phone calls, they do everything from banking to gaming to keeping our lives organised!

Mobiles are everywhere!

Every business needs a mobile optimised solution

Smartphones are everywhere!

Think the last I read there were an estimated 5 billion mobile phones sold, 25 million iPads & just there around 300,000 mobiles being activated each day just on Google’s Android platform. In many countries, there’s more mobile phones than the number of people itself and even in developing countries such as India etc, people have started to use ‘dual sim’ mobile phones a.k.a using one number for work and a different one as their private mobile number at surprisingly cheap call rates. If you are running a business think about it “Mobiles ARE everywhere” around us and we’ve become so very dependent on what used to be a humble device that you used to make phone calls on the go with!

I just wanted to check quickly on some domestic flights for next week and being late in the night i just went to the Qantas/ Jet Star site from my mobile. I was really pleased to see that Jet Star identified my browser as an iPhone & displayed a very simple – to the point functional site. Ultimately, I got what I wanted and this is going to be the case for every business – no matter of the size! It is important to have a tailored or mobile optimised presence for your business. Whether its by way of a mobile website or an app or any mobile engagement piece or if you just want to use the mobile phone as an extended customer service channel or it could be something your business can provide as a utility tool within mobiles to your employees.

Understand your consumers

Not sure if you’ve heard about concepts such as ‘mobile snacking’ or the ‘no-nothing’ time. Really interesting concepts as consumers are always ‘snacking’ on the mobiles and I mean that people on their mobiles love to browse on bits and pieces even if it’s for a short time – be it checking their Facebook or a quick sms or catch a good deal whilst they’re out and about shopping. And the ‘no-nothing’ time I mention here is about that time when people are looking to spend time on their own trying to relax, have a break…really to do what they want to do and we all tend to try to take these little breaks – but guess what, and you probably have noticed this already that people are spending more and more time with their mobile phones – almost like a partner you couldn’t do without!

mCommerce is growing rapidly!

According to the Mobile Marketing Magazine UK, research shows that almost half of smartphone users have shopped online on their mobile. Now if you’re thinking that people are using mobiles for just reading news, playing games or on Angry birds! yes they are you’re right but they’re also “searching” for stuff and the consumer has now started to shop on their mobile phones. Yes that humble pizza is now being ordered from a mobile device. Not sure if you caught that story of Domino’s and their mobile site – Domino’s apparently generated 1 Million in less than 1 week from their mobile site…they did have an iPhone app which I’m sure a few of us have used but guess they realised that enabling this on all mobile platforms would not be a bad thing and yes it worked for them and could work for you too. Infact being such a new channel, there’s not that many businesses out there leveraging this just yet so even if you’re a small business – think about it! A simple mobile presence could do you wonders in terms of ROI.

People “searching” on their mobiles are more action oriented and are more likely to initiate a call (click to call) as they’re already on the device and there are smarts you could use such as social media integration on the go, location based targeting and as to quote Google, 79% of consumers make use of a smartphone while they’re shopping and according to this article I came across in the mobile marketer – while many mobile searches are conducted by consumers who will make a purchase in the next 24 hours, desktop searchers are more likely to be making a purchase decision in the next 30 days.

There’s many ways one could emphasise how important mobile is for a business in the current environment and how this is fast becoming a channel whether it’s for creating awareness about your product, place of business or service – it’s probably the only channel that is always ON! when I say, “channel” it does sound a bit marketing oriented but that’s what I’m referring it to as here….mobile is that space that if relevant to a consumer – they will start being ‘sticky’ to it and keep coming back for it!

If you do have some time, do check out this video by Google – it’s a bit long but shows how important it is for any business to leverage mobile. Mobile is the way to go!

If you do have any feedback or comments please feel free to comment. If you are a business thinking about mobile or require a mobile solution, please feel to get in touch with us.


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