It’s raining mobile!

03 Jun

Not that long ago, I remember taking out my flip-phone or the ‘banana’ Nokia for those who remember and thought it had to be the coolest gadget too…I also recollect buying a phone that Pierce Brosnan in one of his 007 flicks used – the really small Sony Ericsson T28 with a flat small antenna.

Remember this?


Sure many of us who have been through and still going through the amazing transformation that is happening around us in the world of mobiles and of supporting technology that is growing with it. Phones are now an integral ‘must-have’ in our lives and seems like these gadgets are even taking away the family-TV time that we used to have…

Probably 8 or so years ago, one of my very good friends when I met him up for lunch said to me that I needed to start thinking about designs and technology that would work on a mobile device, considering that I was designing for print and web at the time and I think all I did was shrug that amazing insight away – thinking that I probably might not even see the day when mobiles could do all this. And here we are today developing things that probably existed in movies or gray literature somewhere and look around us now – wow’s me that we are so reliant on the mobile phone that we consume content, entertain and inform ourselves, socialize with the mobile and trust it to do our day to day banking, check weather and also use it as a tool to engage our kids…and this is all the things we do now with our once so ‘humble’ mobile phone that we made phone calls with. Imagine what the future has to hold!

At the same time that our mobile phones are getting smarter and smarter by the day, we have started to use the internet on our mobiles and that is something that is growing at an amazing pace too. I came across the below info-graphic on the rise of the mobile-web and what i thought is a good depiction of the rise of the mobile web…sure is raining mobiles!


Infographic source:


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