mobile+addiction = mobiDdiction

09 May

Hi there,

This really is a quick intro to our blog and about us – mobiDdiction is located in one of the world’s best harbour cities – Sydney.

A fairly new start up, we are a bunch of self-confessed mobile addicts and can’t get enough of what technology and gadgets have to offer. Specially with the advent of smarter and smarter phones, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses, no matter of size to look at ways they can leverage the mobile platform.

Years ago, websites came about the same way and I’m sure some of us remember either saying this or have heard others say…how would one buy off the ‘internet’ without having a look, feeling the product/service itself..things have come a long long way now and the internet is being accessed from these tiny devices (well atleast compared to the PC..) – today’s extra ‘smart phones’ and mobile devices.

These mobile devices we carry everywhere with us amazes me as we expect so much more from our phones these days…thousands and thousands of apps, so many platforms, we are using the mobile internet on the go, we trust the phone for our banking, we watch video, entertain ourselves, mobile shopping is on the rise…and for those in the know, there’s location based services, augmented reality and NFC (near field communications) starting to be developed rapidly and seems like this list is growing by the second…it’s even hard to be in touch about how best to unlock the power of mobile devices.

We’d like to use this blog to share some of our thinking, our project work, news & items as we come across and really just about anything that we think would help individuals, businesses or even those who work in the industry and a way we could share our passion with the like-minded.

Please feel free to comment on our stories, take part & we’d like to hear from you and educate us with stuff you know, write to us…and if you’re down in Sydney at any time – let us know and we can hook up for a beer on us đŸ˜‰


Please do “LIKE” our page on Facebook so we can be in touch there and/or follow us on Twitter too.

Team mobiDdiction
twitter @mobiDdiction


One response to “mobile+addiction = mobiDdiction

  1. Mr iPhone

    May 9, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Please stay tuned for updates and we look fwd to hearing your comments…


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